Ever since man’s earliest ancestors emerged from the primordial muck, the human race has basically been killing time between innovations in self-pleasure. And now, the next epoch driving all human progress has arrived in the form of Titan VR by KIIROO, the world’s first interactive vibrating VR stroker. By using the Titan in conjunction with its VR headset and a huge library of compatible adult videos, you can enter a new world of VR sex and literally feel what you watch for the first time.

KIIROO’s Titan is, to put it mildly, an upgrade over nearly any earlier interactive sex toy you can name. It lets you set whatever speed you prefer, allowing unparalleled sensitivity in control over vibrational intensity via touch-sensitive control pads. This is a game-changer all on its own. But when you throw in the more than 4,000 compatible videos and counting that will work with the Titan, you’re hitting new and largely unexplored territory. With Titan VR, you’ll find yourself directly inside your own sexual fantasies.

The Titan VR Sex Experience: Everything You Need To Enjoy Adult Virtual Reality


The KIIROO Titan is also distinguished by its Real-Feel Sleeve, which is, as per the product’s official site, “Soft as the inner canals of your favorite orifice.” When combined with the Titan’s three rows of vibrating bullets, you’ll experience a level of pleasure that you’ve probably never dreamed possible.

And that still doesn’t encompass all the possibilities. The Titan can also connect with other devices through the Internet, giving you control over your partner’s vibrations, and vice versa. Between this unprecedented level of connectivity and compatibility with thousands of adult titles (and more being made all the time), the main challenge for any Titan VR user is coming up with rationales for ever leaving the house again.

The Titan VR Experience is basically a one-stop bundle of everything you need to optimize your enjoyment of both VR sex and traditional adult videos. It includes the Titan itself, and a virtual reality headset that's compatible with pretty much any smartphone, and is equipped with a 42mm diameter spherical resin lens that minimizes distortion and maximizes immersion. Your kit also comes with four ounces of KIIROO Pure Premium Toy Cleaner that cleans all your adult toys, and 12 ounces of KIIROO Aqua™ Premium Water-Based Intimate Lubricant.

With more people than ever cooped up at home, it’s no surprise that Titan VR by KIIROO is more popular than ever. So why miss out on the next level of adult VR when everything you need can be yours with a single purchase?

If you’re ready to reach new heights of sensation and pleasure, you can order the Titan VR Experience at the KIIROO online store and have it at your door in a couple of weeks, with no shipping charges. So don't wait. Click here to learn more.

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