• North Face has cleared a small area of its New York store for customers to don the headsets, which transport them to remote hiking, climbing or base-jumping locations they might otherwise never visit. The hope is that VR taps into shoppers’ deep aspirations and gets them excited about the great outdoors.
  • Capturing the images needed to create these virtual-reality experiences has not been easy — or cheap. North Face says it spent five days filming in Moab and in Yosemite National Park. Some of the footage was shot by attaching a 16-lens, 360-degree 3-D camera to a drone.
  • Tech giant Intel also recently debuted a “smart” dressing-room mirror that allows shoppers to change the color of their sweater with a wave of a hand, while Marriott guests can put on VR goggles and headphones and be transported to destinations in Hawaii or London for an up-close tour.

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