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Veritas Genetics and George Church break the $1,000 whole genome barrier

Andreea PopescuOctober 13th 2015
$1,000 Genome

Led by Co-Founder and Harvard Genetics Professor George Church, Veritas has achieved the holy grail of genetics: the $1,000 genome. Participants of the Personal Genome Project (PGP), all 16,000 participants, will now be able to get their whole genome sequenced and interpreted for under $1,000. While others claim to have achieved whole genome sequencing for less than $1,000, Veritas says that they are the first company to also include genome interpretation into this case, which is key to creating value from the genetic information.

The Collaboration

The collaboration between Veritas Genetics and PGP was considered as a “natural step,” as several founders (including Church) from VG have cultivated years of experience in processing and understanding whole genomes through their work with PGP. Both companies aspire to make whole genome interpretation more accessible and to leverage that information to provide more effective, personalized medical treatment to the masses.

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