What do supercomputers, the New York Stock Exchange, smart toasters, and Android phones have in common? They're all powered by the Linux family of open-source operating systems.

If you've ever used a device that wasn't running Mac OS X or Windows—or literally even used a website—chances are good that Linux was involved somehow. Seriously, over 95% of the top million domains are powered by Linux servers. It's also behind the e-commerce infrastructure of Amazon, eBay, and PayPal.

Linux's small footprint also is the go-to OS for much of the Internet of Things, from talking refrigerators to toasters that put my grad degree to shame. And did we mention the Linux family runs literally all of the top 500 supercomputers in the world?

Translation: jobs. Lots of them.

And thanks to The Complete 2020 Learn Linux Bundle you can go from novice to serious job applicant for the current price of $69.

While it once had the reputation of being for hobbyists and serious programmers, Linux rose to prominence through a combination of impressive factors. One watershed moment was when IBM, Dell, and HP decided to go Linux instead of using their rival Microsoft's OS. Linux's open-source code, lack of fees, and enthusiastic supporters were key to its growth as well.

Today, Linux is the beating heart of a massive global community. Each new release of code is vetted beforehand by its members, which means bugs and other weaknesses are usually caught before malicious parties can exploit them. As a result, Linux is well-known for its stability.

And since Linux is open-source, companies and anyone else can fully access and change the code to suit their needs. This makes Linux far more flexible and customizable than Windows and Mac OS X. It also means there's no corporation at the center of everything, harvesting your data and raising prices at whim.

If the performance and community-centric philosophy of Linux don't entice you to learn it, then perhaps these numbers will: it's estimated the open-source programming services industry could be as large as $33 billion by 2022. And the average Linux administrator salary in the US is currently $94,757.

Here's what's inside this complete set of Linux training courses:

1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8: Get an Overview of the RHEL Platform & Learn How to Manage Networking, Configure Services, Harden Security, and More (31 lectures & 7.5 hours of content)

2. Linux Shell Scripting: Basics: Basic Scripting Practices in Linux: Script File Formats, Variables, Loops, Script Controls & More (19 lectures & 8.75 hours of content) 

3. Linux Security Techniques: Data Encryption, Firewall Configuration, Auditing Access, PenTesting & More (22 lectures & 10.8 hours of contents)

4. Linux in the Cloud: Successfully Implement the Linux OS in a Virtualized Environment with Docker, Amazon, & Azure (14 lectures & 5.3 hours of content)

5. Linux Command Line: Effectively & Efficiently Communicate with Computers to Accomplish a Wider Set of Tasks (20 lectures & 9.2 hours of content)

6. Linux for Beginners: Gain Competency as a Beginner User of Linux (5 lectures & 2 hours of content)

7. CompTIA Linux+ (XK0-004): Acquire the Competencies Required for an Early Career in System Administration (46 lectures & 22 hours of content)

8. Getting Started with Linux (CompTIA Micro Course): Learn Basic Command Line Operations & Applications of Linux (23 lectures & 4.7 hours of content)

9. Becoming a Linux System Admin: Highlight the Differences in Managing Linux Machines in a Business Environment Versus Stand-Alone Systems (24 lectures & 11 hours of content)

10. Becoming a Linux Server Admin: Learn How to Deploy & Support the Linux OS as a Server Platform (28 lectures & 12 hours of content)

11. Becoming a Linux Power User: Explore Some of the More Powerful Functions of Linux Hidden Away Behind Its Graphical UI (26 lectures & 4.7 hours of content)

12. Linux Shell Scripting: Advanced: Advanced Scripting Practices in Linux: Functions, Libraries, Regular Expressions & More (27 lectures & 8.2 hours of content)

The Complete 2020 Learn Linux Bundle features over 110 hours of premium training content—and if you purchase it now you can enjoy lifetime 24/7 access for just $69.

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