The future is rooted in coding skills, even if coding isn't in the job description. An analysis of the job market found that 65% of "non-tech" jobs were "hybrids,"  – jobs that didn't specifically need a computer science degree, yet job-seekers were expected to have at least some knowledge of coding.

And the evidence doesn't stop there. A Brookings Institute study found that, between 2002 and 2016, jobs requiring "minimal" digital skills plunged from 56% of all jobs to just 30%, while jobs requiring advanced skills had risen from 5% to 23% of all jobs. Even if you only work with Excel functions, understanding computer science is increasingly the way to get ahead and get hired.

The 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle puts ten courses exploring web development, machine learning, data mining, and more at your fingertips and on your resume. The included courses would normally cost $2,300 total if purchased individually but are available in this bundle for just $39.

Here's a taste of a few other included courses:

Learn The Internet's Foundations

HTML5 and CSS are the core competencies for website design and maintenance. Even drafting simple sales emails and embedding videos in blog entries is easier if you have a grasp of how their code functions and interacts. If you work in marketing or sales, you'll need to use them to incorporate customer relationship management (CRM) tools, build custom sales emails, and polish blog entries, And if you're looking for a career switch, HTML and CSS are a good starting point to get a handle on the basics of coding. In this bundle you'll build web projects alongside the instructor, to get hands-on experience with the basics of the web and learn the day-to-day code you need.

Brew Programs With JavaScript

Once you understand the basics, you can move onto the third leg of the web development stool, JavaScript. While you find JavaScript primarily in web design, it's made inroads into other areas of computer science, such as server frameworks, allowing you to step into the broader world of coding projects with two courses that take you from very beginner to full-stack developer able to work on any aspect of a site.

Get A Grip On Python

Python is one of the more commonly used languages in computer science, and you'll learn to execute the programs, run the algorithms, and develop the data structures that underpin everything from HR software to accounting functions. You'll also learn Django, based on Python, which lets you incorporate apps and tools into websites centered around databases with ease, which makes adding features like file uploads, contact forms, and more an easier process.

Build Apps, Mine Data, And Create Visualizations

Once you've got the basics down, you can start practicing with more complex work. The bundle includes deep learning coursework with Keras to get started with neural networks and machine learning; an advanced Python course that teaches you how to leverage your Python knowledge to mine and process large amounts of data; a beginner's guide to R, the preferred language for processing statistics and creating graphics such as geospatial information system (GIS) maps; and build-along projects in Flutter and Dart to teach app development.

Combined, the course features 195 hours of instruction, divided into over 1,400 lessons, taking you across all the most common uses of coding in the workplace. Whether you want to build a website that funnels leads to the right salespeople, want to draw on the massive archive of data your company has collected to find trends and patterns to head in a new direction, or simply want to better understand what your coworkers do, you'll find it in here.

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