Music is fundamental to human life; archaeologists regularly find instruments thousands of years old, scattered among the remains of day-to-day existence. And there are reasons beyond amusing our families or participating in public life for picking up an instrument. Learning to play, and practicing, a musical instrument can help you manage stress while teaching you new skills and helping you think in new ways.

Still, finding time for lessons can be difficult. Pianu Pro takes the frustration out of learning piano by putting lessons at your fingertips anywhere you've got a device with a USB port and a keyboard, and a lifetime subscription is available now for $159.99, 41% off the standard price.

Learning Piano Is the East Way to Learn Music

How did a giant instrument that you can't take with you become so central to our musical world? Turns out the piano is a perfect place to begin learning music theory. If you look at a piano, it puts the scales in an intuitive order; pitch drops as you go to the left and rises as you go to the right. Even if you've got no idea how to read sheet music, it offers a spatial way to understand the music that's easier to grasp.

It's also low effort, compared to other instruments; if you can move your fingers and feet, you can play a piano. There's no lung power needed, there's no elaborate fingerwork or mouth movements you need to get a handle on, no valves to close or stops to pop open, no strained voices or calluses. You can simply sit or stand at any set of keys and begin learning. With electronic keyboards, you won't even need much space.

Of course, that still requires lessons. Fortunately, Pianu Pro is a teacher you can take with you, anywhere you've got a web browser.

How Pianu Makes It Even Easier

Pianu Pro is designed to make learning piano easier, both technologically and from a student's perspective.

  • Browser-Based Design: When you subscribe to Pianu, you can practice anywhere by logging in via a browser. All you need is a keyboard connected to your device with a browser that supports MIDI, and you've got lessons waiting for you.
  • Device Compatibility: If you've already got a piano keyboard that connects to your computer, then you're set to go. If not, you can look for one that best suits your needs; thanks to Pianu's design, any MIDI keyboard will work.
  • Beginner-Friendly Structure: Pianu is designed to serve as a full introduction for beginners and uses games designed to create incentives. Instead of getting a grade, or being ranked on a pass/fail system, you earn badges as you improve, with no pressure. Each lesson has a star rating to show a difficulty, and you can repeat lessons until you're fully comfortable with the concept.
  • A Wide Variety of Songs: You also won't be stuck with the same classics everybody learns. While "Chopsticks" and Beethoven will always have a place in the piano teacher's repertoire, Pianu has a wide range of tunes, from pop hits to video game soundtracks to deep cuts, that you can choose as part of your lesson, so you're learning on songs you enjoy. As a nice little bonus, you'll get a deeper appreciation of the music you love.

Whether you're a complete beginner intimidated by the ivories or someone with experience looking to sharpen your skills, Pianu gives you lessons on demand. And at 41% off, you'll be making progress before you press your first key.

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