Apple has big plans for AirPods, including giving them literal self-awareness. What it oddly is not interested in is making your AirPods easier to use with your Mac. Sure, you can connect them to your Mac, but it treats them like just another set of Bluetooth headphones, without any of iOS' useful features. AirBuddy fills that gap and unites your Mac and AirPods with one click, and coordinates battery usage across your other gear as well. Listed at $10, it's on sale now for just $8.99.

Open And See

Rated 4.5/5 stars by verified purchasers, AirBuddy starts with one-click connection between your AirPods and your Mac. Just install AirBuddy, connect, and then open your AirPods case nearby to see the level of charge and current status for your AirPods or Beats. Or you can set up a keyboard shortcut so you can pop open the window any time, perfect for moments when you need to discreetly check your battery level.

You can also configure keyboard shortcuts for listening modes, so when you need to shut out the world, you can just tap and go.

More Than AirPods

There's more to the app than just headphone control, however. First of all, if you've got a lot of battery-powered items, like an Apple Watch, Magic Mouse, or other Apple Gear, AirBuddy has a menu bar you can use to track how powered up they are. And, over time, you'll be able to see battery usage statistics to spot devices that need to be replaced, or drains on your power supply. Keyboard shortcuts for device status and automatic connection ensure you're always up and running.

AirBuddy also enables easy sharing of Magic Mice and other wireless accessories with Magic Handoff. All you need is another Mac with AirBuddy installed, and you can swap them over with a click. It's great for co-working spaces or anyone with multiple Macs who doesn't want to buy multiple sets of Magic accessories.

Get AirBuddy for $8.99 (reg. $10).

Prices subject to change.

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