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Turn Your Standard Toilet Paper Into A More Soothing Experience With Pristine

This spray turns any toilet paper into a flushable wipe without the drawbacks and clogs.

Jun 30 by Futurism Creative
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Flushable wipes might feel good, but they’re terrible for the environment. Despite the name, they can overwhelm sewer systems and bind together into enormous clogs that can block the sewers for entire cities. Pristine toilet paper spray gives you all of the advantages of a flushable wipe, while keeping the lower cost, and disposability, of toilet paper.

If you’re a Shark Tank fan, you already know the story behind Pristine, which won a $50,000 investment offer from Lori Greiner. Right now you can get Pristine Toilet Paper Spray (1-Pack/Fragrance Free) for only $10.99, which is 21% off the list price of $13.

One of the founders, Jessica Karam Oley, found that no matter what she used, her baby’s skin was irritated after a diaper change. And then disaster struck; one of her other children destroyed their home’s septic system with wipes going down the toilet. So she teamed up with her cousin Brandon to come up with a better way to keep clean. Pristine was the result.

Pristine works on any type of toilet paper. Just spray a little on and use the paper as you normally would. The spray has a mix of natural ingredients including aloe, witch hazel, and coconut oil to soothe, moisturize, and make going to the bathroom a better experience. It’s so gentle on the skin that you can spray it on directly, whether you’re going yourself or changing a diaper.


The spray itself comes in a cobalt blue bottle and is small enough to be discreetly tucked away in a bag, and each ounce is equivalent to a 50-pack of wipes, The packaging also TSA-compliant, so you can take Pristine anywhere you’re heading. It’s also been specially formulated with biodegradable and fragrance-free ingredients, all of which have been thoroughly tested for health and safety.

Usually, a bottle of Pristine costs $13, but right now you can get a cleaner feeling for $10.99, 21% off.

Prices subject to change.

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