According to Gallup, 14 percent of U.S. adults say they use CBD wellness products on a regular basis. Though scientific research on CBD is still in the early stages, anecdotal evidence suggests it is capable of providing effective and gentle relief from things like pain, inflammation, insomnia, stress, and anxiety. The only problem is that most people take their CBD orally, which is not the most effective delivery method. On the contrary, the most recent research actually suggests topical CBD products probably give you the most bang for your buck, especially when it comes to relieving pain and inflammation. That’s why a team of scientists and entrepreneurs at a company called Boojum Life developed an entire line of cutting edge CBD products specifically designed to work transdermally.

The Case for Topical CBD

According to at least one study, when it comes treating to skin, muscle, and joint issues, the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of CBD are significantly reduced when taken orally. The reason for this is a biological process called first pass metabolism. Basically, that means your body breaks down and weakens chemical compounds as they travel through your digestive system, so when you take CBD orally very little actually reaches systemic circulation. However, when CBD is administered transdermally it bypasses first pass metabolism, and more of it actually ends up interacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system, providing far greater effects.

Contrary to what you might expect, topical CBD can get into your bloodstream and reach systemic circulation if you apply it to specific pulse points around your body, making it an excellent choice for general purpose relief. However, the best part about topical CBD is that it also allows users to target specific areas of concern. Whether you’re treating a headache, backache, arthritis, sore muscles, or even skin conditions such as acne or eczema, by applying CBD directly to that area you ensure the greatest possible relief in the shortest possible time.

Boojum Topical CBD

Boojum Life was founded by a group of scientists, technicians, and entrepreneurs to provide consumers with pure, THC-free, lab-tested CBD topicals they can trust. All of their hemp is sourced locally from family farms and independent growers who use pesticide-free and sustainable growing practices. And every product Boojum Life sells undergoes three rounds of testing.

Boojum Life products are made using full-spectrum hemp extracts. This means that in addition to CBD, they also contain dozens of other natural, non-psychoactive cannabinoids, terpenes, and terpenoids found in hemp plants. Numerous studies have shown that CBD is more impactful when combined with these other compounds, a synergistic relationship that has been dubbed the “entourage effect.” These extracts are made using organic 200 proof cryo-ethanol in an FDA registered, cGMP facility. And they’re all formulated without formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, sulfates, or synthetic dyes.

Boojum Life Roll-On Body Oil – Complete Set


Boojum Life’s flagship products are their roll-on body oils. Currently there are three different formulas to choose from. All of them contain their full spectrum hemp oil with 1000mg of CBD per 1 ounce bottle. And all of them contain bisabolol, a terpene found in chamomile that nourishes damaged skin and increases skin permeability, thus making it easier for CBD and the other therapeutic ingredients to cross the dermal barrier.

Uplift Your Spirit

Uplift is designed to evoke a sense of well-being and balance. It combines Boojum’s pure full-spectrum hemp oil with a unique blend of citrus, chamomile, clove, vanilla, and other warm spices that have been used as natural remedies for centuries. These fragrances and terpenes work together to elevate mood and benefit the body. Sweet orange, tangerine, and lemongrass help relax muscles. Ginger, vanilla, and other warm spices help produce a sense of wellbeing. Meanwhile, the terpenes and CBD in the broad spectrum hemp oil have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, pain-relieving, stress-reducing, and mood-enhancing properties.

Calm Your Mind

Calm is designed to combat stress and decelerate the overactive mind. It combines Boojum’s pure full-spectrum hemp oil with a relaxing, sweetly spiced blend of English lavender, nutmeg, Ceylon cinnamon, Roman chamomile, and hops. This formulation of fragrances and terpenes work together to soothe anxiety and stress. Lavender oil has been shown to help reduce skin irritation, blotchiness, and scarring. Hops, nutmeg, and chamomile all have mild sedative effects. And cinnamon is said to alleviate muscle aches and stiffness.

Relieve Your Body

Relieve is designed to combat stress and soothe the fatigued body. It combines Boojum’s pure full-spectrum hemp oil with a soothing and invigorating mixture of mint, basil, sage, camphor, and eucalyptus. Peppermint and wintergreen have long been recommended for muscle and nerve pain, while camphor helps relieve for itchy or irritated skin.

All of Boojum Life’s CBD body oils can be purchased individually. However, if you purchase the complete set you save 23-percent per bottle.

Boojum Life CBD Bath Bombs – Complete Set


While Boojum Life body oils are perfect for targeting specific needs on a day-to-day basis, if you're looking for a soothing, total body experience, you need to try their bath bombs. There are four different formulations, each geared toward achieving a specific effect. But whichever you use, they all contain 250mg of CBD.


The Unwind bath bomb is designed to help the body and mind relax and unwind after a long day. Featuring soothing lavender in addition to Boojum's full spectrum hemp extract, it melts away stress and tension, allowing you to go to bed calm and relaxed.


The Elevate bath bomb is designed to boost, uplift, and invigorate. Featuring orange and eucalyptus, it leaves your body and soul feeling inverted and ready to take on any task.


The Escape bath bomb is designed to carry you away from the every day grind. Featuring a luxurious blend of lemon and vanilla, the scents and bubbles provide a relaxing escape from the stresses o everyday life.


Last but not least, the Restore bath bomb is designed to sooth and restore sore muscles. Featuring a tingly, invigorating blend of peppermint, this bath bomb is the perfect way to recover from a grueling workout or stressful day at work.

Like the Boojum Life body oils, the Boojum Life bath bombs can be purchased individually. However, you can save 22 percent by buying the complete set.

So if you use CBD for relief from pain, tension, stress, and anxiety, whether on a daily basis or only on occasion, you need to give these cutting edge topicals from Boojum Life a try.

This supplement has not been evaluated by the FDA, and is not intended to cure or treat any ailments. Do not take CBD products if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the product you are consuming. Tell your doctor about all medicines you may be on before consuming CBD to avoid negative reactions. Tell your doctor about all medical conditions. Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, including prescription and nonprescription medicines, vitamins and herbal products. Other side effects of CBD include: dry mouth, cloudy thoughts, and wakefulness. You are encouraged to report negative side effects of any drugs to the FDA. Visit, or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

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