Experiencing Disney Differently

Immersive games, social networks, and a host of apps...virtual reality certainly has been stirring quite a buzz recently, and the technology is increasingly expanding its reach into the world of entertainment. Case in point, media giant Disney just released their virtual reality app Disney Movies VR, and with other well-known companies such as Marvel and Lucasfilm on their side, they intend to make this app a cohesive playground.

Ultimately, it lets users "transport" themselves to the world of Disney without ever leaving their living room, providing a fully immersive experience of their most popular movies, stories, and characters. It was released on Steam, and it's actually free.

All you need is an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset to run the app (and a really good gaming rig)...so maybe not exactly "free." But, with this equipment, you can be part of the iconic Millennium Falcon or stand next to the heroic Captain America.

Disney Movies VR. Credit: Steam

Mixed Reviews

The app may not be too magical. Currently, Steam users have given Disney Movies VR a "mixed" rating, with 62% of 35 reviews marked as positive.

On the Most Helpful Reviews section of the product's page on Steam, user UKRifter, having 0.2 hours in-game experience, gave the app a negative review. The user says, "a strange collection of VR, 3D, and standard 360 video. In short - the best thing about this is the menu, everything that follows is staggeringly disappointing."

Proceeding to go about the succeeding reviews shows nearly the same kind of sentiment. Both positive and negative reviews state that the interface is good, but that the current content has very little by way of immersion.

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