A particularly creative San Diego-based radio DJ has declared himself the "sultan" of his own "country," deep in the Southern California desert.

Randy "R Dub!" Williams spent around a decade visiting the almost 200 UN-recognized nations of the world, and then took matters into his own hands to finalize the list.

"One of the reasons I created Slowjamastan was because, after 193 countries, I wanted a 194th!" he told CNN.

His own "city" dubbed — if you will — is called  "Dublândia," the capital of the new "Republic of Slowjamastan," and is located at the center of an 11-acre plot of empty desert near the southeast border of California and roughly 100 miles from San Diego.

And no, this doesn't have anything to do with cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, or NFTs.

"The sultan is the sultan of slow jams," he told FOX5, referring to his new self-adorned title. "He loves the Boys II Men, and the Usher, and the Alicia Keys, Luther Vandross and Anita Baker."

So what does Williams want Slowjamastan to be known for? Straight vibes and a place to relax where you can "enjoy good music and good people," according to the newly-appointed sultan.

Williams even went as far as to establish an entirely new currency and erect a monument celebrating the country's founding.

"We are a republic on some days, but on (other) days we have a dictatorship," he told the station.

But there's one glaring problem with all of this: the republic of Slowjamastan, like dozens of other micronations like it scattered around the globe, will likely never be recognized as a sovereign state by other nations of the world, meaning that Williams is mostly just playing an elaborate game of make-believe on his small plot of desert land.

That shouldn't necessarily stop you from trying to gain Slowjamastani citizenship. In fact, according to an FAQ of the country's official website, the tiny nation is facing a veritable border crisis ever since the media got light of the country's founding.

"Since the news of Slowjamastan broke around the world (CNN, etc.), I have personally received hundreds of emails and DMs from wonderful new friends around the world, legitimately wanting to move to Slowjamastan for a better life — seeking asylum from areas and situations they wish to improve," Williams wrote in the post.

"While the [modus operandi] of Slowjamastan is comprised mostly of humor, fun and imagination, I can not, with good conscience, give an anything less than serious (and hopefully compassionate) reply to these legitimate requests," he added.

Anybody wanting to visit the nation, however, will face some difficulties, including its complete lack of a "functioning international airport," let alone "infrastructure to house new residents."

As for holders of a Slowjamastani passport — you can get your own for just $50 — it's "currently only recognized in the micronations of Molossia, Sealand, Dukionary and of course, Slowjamastan," according to Williams, which are all micronations. "You might even land in jail for trying to pass international borders with our passport, so please don’t try it."

Willimas is now trying to gain diplomatic recognition from the US, a more-than-likely difficult task, since according to US law, Slowjamastan is just part of California.

At the end of the day, "Slowjamastan is what you make it!" Williams concluded, " escape from everyday life — even if just for a few fleeting moments — to get away and have a laugh and a smile and meet some new friends looking for the same."

And honestly, we could all use a vacation these days.

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