Maybe you saw Spiderman: Homecoming over the weekend and thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if I could crawl to the top of buildings like that?" Soon, you might be able to, though not exactly the way Spidey does.

Meet the pedal-powered Vycle. This vertical bicycle is the brainchild of Elena Larriba, who studied under the Innovation Design Engineering masters program at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London.

"There are currently two main methods for vertical transportation that have prevailed for the last 100 years, the stairs and the lift," Larriba explained to design magazine Dezeen, which spotted the Vycle at the RCA's graduate exhibition.

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"Stairs are bulky and unattractive, especially in high rise buildings where people don't often use them, and lifts require a lot of energy in order to move one person a couple of meters up," said Larriba. "This carves out an area of opportunity that sits between the two."

Though the Vycle will not be going into production any time soon according to the project's website, with a little more development, it could prove to be an ideal transportation option to combat future problems, like the growing population. Not only does the device not require much space, it's also energy efficient and promotes a healthier personal and communal lifestyle — all qualities that will benefit the increasingly vertical cities of the future.

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