Pictures of outer space are arguably some of the most beautiful photographs out there. There seems to be something irresistible about the vivid color and the sheer scale of the subjects.

You know something that also happens to be enormous? Wikipedia. Which is why one Frenchman concocted a way to merge the two together. Meet Wikiverse.

Wikiverse is the brainchild of French computer scientist Owen Cornec. It is a website that renders 50,000, 100,000, or 250,000 Wikipedia articles to look like stars in a 3D model of the universe, making any case of Wiki-surfing that much more interesting.

But the site isn't just Wikipedia titles made to look like the universe, the website offers much more. Clicking on a "star" will load the article right on the interface. Clusters of "stars" close together are a similar topic, and related entries are connected by colored lines.

The website is an upgrade of Cornec's old Chrome experiment, WikiGalaxy.

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