Ever wanted to take the Millennium Falcon for a spin? How about an X-Wing or a TIE fighter?

The Toy company Propel  may make this possible! The company is bringing official Star Wars drones to collectors: little quadcopter replicas of the Millennium Falcon, the T-65 X-Wing Starfighter, the 74-z speeder bike, and the Tie Advanced X1.


While it is completely understandable that many of the drones that will be delivered to consumers will never make it out of the box and just be displayed, those who choose to actually play with them will not be disappointed.

The Millenium Falcon is built with a speed advantage, shooting up to 50mph, while the rest of the drones can speed up to 40mph. They can perform 360-degree stunts and, oh, they can shoot lasers! You can play laser tag with your drones with up to 24 friends.

The propellers were designed to be as subtle as possible, using clear material and attaching them to the underside of the drones, making them as true to the movies as possible.

You can buy one here.

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