As smartphones have put all our audio in the cloud to be streamed anywhere, they've sparked a debate: What's better, earbuds or headphones? The former are convenient and discreet, while the latter offer better sound and comfort. Human Headphones combine the best features of both and add in a Bluetooth speaker function while they're at it. And now you can get them for just $229 when you use coupon code LISTEN40 for $40 off at checkout.

The Best Of All Worlds


Over-ear headphones, also called closed-cups, have superior audio quality compared to earbuds because their design covers the ear with sound-blocking materials, allowing you to focus on what you want to hear. They also have larger drivers, and the bigger the driver, the better the sound. However, as anybody who's tried to fold them can tell you, they can take up a surprising amount of space. Earbuds, of course, can fit anywhere, but even with noise-canceling and a perfect fit, you'll still have the audio around you bleed through to some degree, and while driver technology has improved, small drivers still can't beat their bigger siblings.

Rather than struggling with a band that only partially folds, Human's design clips the cups directly to your ears, and the cups magnetically clip together. So, you save space, and you get better audio quality. The size also means there's room for beamforming microphones to track your voice during calls, dual 280mAh batteries to give you up to nine hours of listening time on a charge, and easy-to-use touch controls.

And when clipped together and charged, you can use them as a Bluetooth speaker. There's even a translation function built-in with eleven languages available through the app. As Gear Patrol puts it, "They sound better than pretty much any pair of true wireless earbuds – the sound is fuller, more immersive and with considerably punchier bass."

If you don't want to compromise, Human Headphones ensure you don't have to. And with the coupon code LISTEN40, they're just $229, making them that much easier to throw in your bag and go.

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