It’s tempting to assume that our expensive new smartphones with their high-tech cameras can do practically anything. But there’s a whole world surrounding us that most of our standard phones can’t capture: the world of thermal imaging. The applications of thermal imaging technology are numerous, and thanks to FLIR ONE's thermal camera smartphone modules, they’re all at your fingertips.

Attach a FLIR ONE thermal camera to your smartphone and download the FLIR app, and you’ll be able to experience thermal imaging technology right from your phone. You’re probably familiar with the concept from seeing it in movies or video games. But if that’s your only exposure to it, you might not realize the myriad practical things it can be used for. For instance, thermal imaging is often used to find household problems like insulation failures, various electrical issues, or water leaks, all of which become easy to spot when viewed by a thermal camera like the FLIR ONE.

FLIR ONE Thermal Camera Module - Gen 3 (iOS or Android) 


Fixing up issues around the house is only the most practical use for a FLIR ONE camera. It can also be used for more exciting endeavors, like seeing in the dark. Animals that instinctively flee at the sight of human beings can be viewed through a thermal camera at night even if they're hiding. The FLIR ONE can also be used to help find a lost pet at night, should the situation arise.

Whatever else you choose to do with a FLIR ONE is pretty much up to your imagination. It has artistic potential that has yet to be fully realized. It's an amazing too for simply showing you a new way to (literally) look at the world around you. And if you have any kids, it could be an invaluable part of their early science education.

The FLIR ONE Pro (iOS and Android)


Everything that the FLIR ONE can do, the FLIR ONE Pro can do even better, with a maximum native resolution of 19,200 pixels. The FLIR ONE will do fine for your kid’s science fair, but if you’re a professional who uses thermal imaging in any part of your work, the FLIR ONE Pro is likely the way to go.

In addition to its improved visual clarity and impressive array of programmed measurement tools, the FLIR ONE Pro thermal camera can also capture an expanded range of temperatures up to three times higher than any other FLIR ONE product -- up to 752 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whether you decide to opt for the FLIR ONE or the FLIR ONE Pro, you’re entering an exciting world colloquially known as “heat vision." And you’ll probably find more uses for it than you can imagine right now. So if you’re ready to give it a try, head over to the FLIR online store, check out the FLIR ONE or the FLIR ONE Pro, and get ready to expand your smartphone’s capabilities beyond the visible light spectrum.

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