While he's rather busy making your home a smarter place, Nest isn't the only thing on inventor Tony Fadell's playlist. What else does he have? Meet Actev Motors, a company with a particularly nifty product: The Arrow Smart-Kart. Target market: Children.

The Arrow is an electric go-kart that can rival nearly any smart car. It has GPS and WiFi capability. It communicates with a smartphone via a mobile app that allows parents to control the  top speed, which can reach up to 20 km/h (12 mph) Parents also have the ability to immediately stop the kart (via an emergency stop button), and put a geofence on the kart, which ropes it to a specific range.

The kart is even customizable, with style kits like Formula1, drift kits, and the option to install higher-capacity batteries.

The whole package comes at a rather pricey cost—a starter kit costs $600 if you pre-order, and it'll normally cost $1,000, in contrast to Mattel’s Fisher-Price Power Wheels, which generally prices between $260 to $400. Still, given the added features, the extra cost is rather expected.

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