How much do you know about skincare that didn't come from a TV ad?

Unfortunately, plenty of people learn about skincare from a thirty-second spot sandwiched between a car ad and the credits for the show you just watched. But Geologie is a company on a mission to change that. Here's what everyone, particularly guys, should know about Geologie and the broader world of skincare.

Skincare's About Protection

You'd be forgiven for assuming skincare products are more about tightening and lifting than protecting — it's all you hear about. Yet skincare products, when you strip away the hype, are about protecting one of your most important organs. And yes, there is, in fact, science to back that up.

Our skin takes a lot of abuse; just as an example, if you're running a razor over your face, you're taking some epidermis with it, no matter how slick your shave oil. Throw in sunshine, pollution, and a cheat day, and your skin puts up with a lot. Skincare helps you keep in shape, so it can keep protecting you.

You Probably Already Use Skincare

If you've ever put on some sunscreen before hitting the beach, used a medical lotion to help your hands heal after a hard day, or used a face wash to manage your acne and get a smoother shave, you've used skincare products. While the formula might be slightly different product to product, they all have the goal of keeping your skin healthy. By using skincare products, all you're doing is expanding your skincare routine to get the most out of it.

It's Not About Fancy Ingredients

While kelp hand-harvested by proud Nova Scotian fishermen has its place, your face isn't it. And much like the Patagonian toothfish became the Chilean sea bass, a lot of commonplace chemicals you'll find in your breakfast, like vitamins C, D, and E, get billed as "retinol" and "anti-oxidants" when it's time to write copy for the label. Simple, pure, high-quality ingredients, in the right concentration, matter more than what you're calling them. That's why Geologie shows you how to read any ingredients list to know what's in the bottle and in what concentration, including their own.

Men Need Different Skincare

We all know personal care can be overly gendered; just compare a pink-handled disposable razor that somehow costs more than the same razor in blue. That said, there are some differences between men and women when it comes to skin that skincare products need to consider. For example, men have more testosterone in their systems, which makes skin oilier. Skincare should be properly formulated for men. Use either of those razors, though.

Personalized Is Better

Everybody's got different skin and different needs to go with it. Geologie spares you the aggravation of trying a dozen different products that all do essentially the same thing. Instead, you'll take a quick quiz on their site that asks you both what you need and some of the day-to-day circumstances of your life, like allergies and working conditions that may irritate your skin. That way, you're getting just the skincare you need, not any pricey extras.

To learn more about men and skincare, check out Geologie.

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