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Estonia-based startup, Guaana, is breaking down barriers in global scientific advancement. Now, the company asserts that they are opening up the opportunity to well-qualified individuals and institutions to take part in their mission (and get stock in the company) for free.

Guaana wants to find the most eligible individuals, universities, and organizations from all over the world to help define a universal format for scientific projects, and to do so, they work to connect scientists across the globe.

Founded in 2014, the open online platform provides a medium where scientists can collaborate on research projects (while retaining all the copyrights and IPR regarding knowledge shared and collaborative projects proposed) regardless of where they are.

“Our mission is to develop a universal format for scientific projects—a record of the processes behind a research paper that includes everything from preliminary ideas and experiment design to methods and analysis, from laboratory notebooks and data to null results and proposed contributions,” says CEO and co-founder Marko Russiver.

In an age where digital information travels fast, open collaboration and free information are starting to become a trend…and for good reasons.

“Imagine a future where scholars and students alike can look behind the scientific article and investigate the process. That is what we strive for. Methodology like this can accelerate discoveries in virtually all fields.”

On a related note, NASA recently opened their library to the public in an effort to provide an accessible, collaborative global community to speed up scientific and technological breakthroughs.

An Online Silicon Valley Open For All

Should you happen to be one of the 100,000 qualified members to be chosen, you will join 2,500 researchers from top universities and organizations from all over the world, including some of the most innovative Fortune 500 companies and over half of the TOP 25 universities in the world.

“By gifting a piece of our company we are rewarding our early adopters, giving them free access to test our new features and an opportunity to influence Guaana’s roadmap. We want to give scientists ownership as an inspiration to participate in the process so we would succeed together in bringing forth a change that’s long overdue,” says Edgar Aronov, co-founder and CFO of Guaana.

Visit their website to learn more about the criteria and how to apply. They are accepting applications until midnight CET on December 30, 2016.

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