A Car That Feels Like Home...

We may be a long way off from making flying cars a reality, but we do have self-driving ones just around the corner. Now, before you brush off autonomous driving capabilities as the inferior version of this sci-fi vision of the future of transportation, consider this—self-driving vehicles don’t have to be configured the way cars, as we know them now, are.

Basic vehicular components such as steering columns will no longer be necessary. This gives car makers more opportunity to use interior space for comfort versus functionality.

This is the what Rinspeed Oasis’ concept car is anchored on. The design they're proposing serves to mimic the vibe of a modern-day family room. The car can include features such as a TV, a windshield that can provide full multimedia immersion, and augmented reality displays.

...And Grows Radishes

Because Rinspeed’s plan is still in the concept stage, the feasibility of such a vehicle comes into question. But the fact that it’s being unveiled at the upcoming CES slated for January 2017 makes the possibility of having your living room on wheels more realistic.

And this isn't just about making a comfortable family vehicle – the Oasis appeals to other customers as well. According to Rinspeed's website:

"Oasis can be commuting or shopping car in the morning, act as a 'micro delivery vehicle' for urban parcel services in the afternoon, and be a pizza taxi on the evening drive home. This is made possible by a clever code-protected 'drawer' in the rear, which can also be cooled or heated as needed."

Want Oasis to deliver you something healthier than pizza? Don't worry. The company has integrated a small green space for growing flowers or radishes below the windscreen. Seriously.

The developments made in autonomous driving technology have been consistent throughout the past few years. With car makers close to perfecting the technology behind this advancement, it’s only a matter of time before they begin focusing on developing engaging interiors for vehicles where driving is no longer the primary focus.

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