The Infinadeck isn't your grandma's treadmill. In fact, paired with a VR headset, you can explore immersive new worlds--kind of like the holodeck in Star Trek.

Go Anywhere, Do Anything

Meet the world's first commercially-viable omnidirectonal treadmill-- meaning you can walk on it in any direction. The treadmill reacts to the user's movement to keep them safely in the center. The Infinadeck is also equipped with a customizable support system that straps comfortably around the user’s waist and keeps them secured.


The treadmill is only 1.3m x 1.7m (4.4ft by 5.6ft) and weighs in at 255kg (500lbs). The machine stands a mere .4m (16in) off the ground. You'll definitely want a friend (or three) to help you move it in, but it'll only take up as much space as a large table.


Worried about noise? The Infinadeck's two motors are actually pretty quiet.

In fact, it's actually quieter than the average dishwasher. One of the motors moves the platform like a regular treadmill, while the other moves the belt in the perpendicular direction.

The power consumption even comes in at under 1200 watts, about the same as the average refrigerator.

Markets and Uses

The machine is targeted toward customers looking for "precision, high-end, controlled omnidirectional walking solutions," according to the company's website.


  • People who want to pretend they're in Star Trek
  • People who think staring at a blank wall during exercise is boring

More importantly though, people with risky jobs could benefit from training in a virtual environment. The tool would also be useful for physical therapy, tactical training, and something the company calls "exergaming."

The company says that the treadmills will be available to strategic business partners, and expects to produce a lower priced consumer model in the near future.

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