Using real objects and integrating physical space into virtual reality experiences may be a more trippy experience than just using immersive virtual imagery. A VR startup in Oregon is hoping so.

Wild is the VR company offering virtual experiences integrated with real objects for the user to interact with. Users wear a headset that provides the virtual 3-D imagery and sound effects typically part of the modern VR experience but they also interact with objects within the real space too. “We like the idea of combining the physical space with virtual reality because it grounds the user in the experience more than just floating through the ether,” says Gabe Paez, the founder. 

The company’s in-office model of the platform features two not unusual rooms with real aspects to engage with (a door, a window, light switch, etc). Actions are linked with various virtual effects and scenarios, using Samsung's VR headset. This 'grounding', the pieces of reality, make the rest of the experience seem more real. 

Source: MIT Technology Review
Images: Wild

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