Bratwurst Bot is an autonomous machine that can take a customer's order, cook, and serve bratwurst on its own. It made its first public appearance at an event for German State Representatives, the Stallwächter Party. It served over 200 sausages over the course of the evening.

The bot takes orders using a web front end, a pair of RGB cameras, and some custom software to make sure the sausages are cooked perfectly. Sausages and a robot. The perfect party.

Most noteworthy, this Bratwurst Bot is made from parts off the shelf. The creators are hoping to show the increasing flexibility of service robots.

For last year's Stallwächter Party, the company made an autonomous bartender. However, that bot had a living sidekick. This sausage slinger was able to cook and serve without human help.

This is just the latest development in automatic food service. From order taking to making burgers the prospects of robot chefs are very exciting.

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