Meet Pepper the Robot: Pizza Hut’s Newest Crew Member

Want some pizza? Pepper the robot will be the one taking your order.

5. 24. 16 by June Javelosa
Image by Softbank

A collaboration between Pizza Hut Asia and MasterCard is paving the way for innovation to enter the fast food scene…in the form of a humanoid robot called Pepper.

Pepper was made by SoftBank and should be seen in stores towards the end of 2016. The emotional robot is supposed to be able to take and process customer orders. And according to MasterCard, the new Pizza Hut job marks the first time that Pepper is being applied for commercial purposes.

Learn more about Pepper in the video below:

The robot approaches customers with a simple ‘hello,’ before assisting customers with their order by providing personalized recommendations and other offers; it can even give you a guide about your calorie intake. Once your order is sorted, you can pay for your orders via the MasterPass wallet app or scan a QR code on Pepper’s chest.


If that doesn’t seem impressive enough, note that Google I/O also announced that the developer version of Pepper will be available by July for around $1,800.

In addition, IBM is looking into packing the humanoid robot with Watson’s artificial intelligence.

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