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Video-sharing platform YouTube just launched YouTube Kids, a website dedicated to offering a safe haven for children to watch YouTube videos. And in order to ensure those kids aren't watching videos meant for grown-ups, they've decided to employ the deadliest weapon in elementary level education: basic match.

Screenshots uploaded by an editor for Independent Journal Review, Josh Billinson, to Twitter earlier today show the authentication screen children will be faced with when trying to access content meant for children above the age of four, seven, or twelve — depending on the setting chosen by the parent.

To get past it, users have to solve extremely basic math problems, including basic multiplication. "Good luck cracking this one, kids," Billinson adds.

Too many failed attempts are met with a red notice screen, instructing parents to get their kids the hell away from their iPad.

Childproofing YouTube

The news comes after YouTube is expected to disclose a settlement with the Federal Communications Commisssion (FCC). Earlier this year, the FCC ruled that YouTube was in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) by serving content to children under thee age of 13 without consent.

In the meantime, children will be able to access the wealth of educational content — and plenty of pointless memes and chicanery — on YouTube through YouTube Kids. Let's just hope they won't figure out how to use Google to solve basic math problems.

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