Let's hope he doesn't drill a hole in the wall!

Just a Drill

Last month, the Russian space agency sent a humanoid robot called Fedor — which had previously been shown blasting out rounds with a pistolto the International Space Station.

And today we get an update from its brief visit in space: a first-person video uploaded today to Twitter by the agency shows Fedor flailing his arms around, using an electric drill and what appears to be a white towel.

I'll Be Back

Luckily, the robotic gunslinger was under the control of Russian cosmonaut Aleksey Ovchinin, who can be seen wrestling the drill out of Fedor's grasp toward the end of the clip.

The life-sized humanoid robot will be leaving the ISS in a matter of days, ending its two week vacation in Earth's orbit. While in space, Fedor was taught how to connect and disconnect electric cables and use tools, including an electric drill.

The idea is to replace tasks that are otherwise dangerous to humans — including deep space missions and spacewalks.

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