This Virtual Security Guard Looks Like an Anime Character

byKristin Houser
5. 1. 19

And it's ready to help Japan address its labor shortage.

Virtual Safety

Starting next year, if you enter a home or business in Japan, you might be greeted by a virtual security guard that looks like it stepped straight out of an anime series.

Japanese security company Secom is spearheading the project, but multiple ventures contributed to the creation of the life-sized, artificially intelligent guards, which come in either male or female forms that are named “Mamoru” and “Ai,” respectively.

In a press release, Secom claims the guards are the first of their kind — and that they could help Japan address its labor shortage.

Anime I Help You?

The AI-powered guards appear on a large stationary mirror that can be placed in a building’s entry way, where they can serve a number of purposes, according to Secom.


Using their various cameras and motion sensing technologies, the virtual security guards can scan visitors, looking for suspicious items or signs that the person is trying to conceal their identity. Anything the virtual guards “see” can be fed in real-time to screens monitored by a human guard, who can then intervene if necessary.

The guards can also serve as receptionists, answering visitors’ questions and directing them as needed. Or they can provide emergency services, notifying human guards if they see that someone has collapsed, for example.

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