Holy See

Pope Francis' official Instagram account did an oopsie this week: It "liked" a revealing photo of Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto wearing a schoolgirl outfit.

"I can teach you a thing or two," Garibotto's post suggestively asked. It seems the Vatican was ready, figuratively, to listen to her sermons.

And now the Vatican is professing confusion over how the "like" happened at all.

PR Blitz

Garibotto's management company quickly jumped on the once-in-a-lifetime PR opportunity — a Hail Mary from the Bishop of Rome himself — claiming it had "received the POPE's OFFICIAL BLESSING," as The Guardian reports.

So who double tapped Garibotto's post? Could it really have been Pope Francis himself? That's unlikely, as a whole team of people are in charge of managing the Pope's social media accounts, including Instagram.

Hashtag Blessed

A Vatican spokesperson told The Guardian on Thursday that it "ruled out that "the ‘like’ came from the Holy See, and it has turned to Instagram for explanations."

Garibotto, however, took the blessing in good stride, joking on Twitter that "at least I'm going to heaven."

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