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The US Army’s Next Rifle May Use Facial Recognition

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Point And Shoot

The U.S. Army wants guns that wait to fire until they see the whites of the enemy’s eyes.

At least, it put out a call for contractors to develop next-generation rifles that come equipped with facial recognition and automatic targeting software, according to The new software could help make soldiers more precise and effective in combat — though it remains unclear how the Army expects to deploy the mind-bending symbiosis of humanity and machines.

Bidding War

Bidding contractors have a chance to win a five-year contract so they can develop a prototype of the rifle, which reports should provide wireless communication systems, wind trackers, and advanced targeting capabilities that increase “the soldier’s ability to rapidly engage man-sized targets out to 600 [meters] or greater while maintaining the ability to conduct Close Quarters Battle.”

Within three years, the Army hopes to deploy thousands of these new facial recognition-equipped rifles, which according to plan will come in both semi- and fully-automatic versions.

One could imagine how the use of facial recognition could prevent soldiers from shooting civilians or making other mistakes — but questions remain on how the facial recognition system will be developed and who it will be able to recognize.

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