"It was the closest I've felt to floating in another world."

Moon Trip

This year's Sundance Film Festival in Utah allowed festival goers to experience something wild: virtual reality, but underwater.

The "Spaced Out" experience dreamed up by multidisciplinary artist Pierre "Pyaré" Friquet and collaborators allows participants to be virtually transported to the Moon through a combination of abstract imagery and archival footage from the Apollo 11 mission.

Float On

By floating underwater, the experience is designed to fool you into thinking you're drifting through outer space.

"It was the closest I've felt to floating in another world," CNET senior reporter Joan Solsman wrote in her review. "During several portions of my demo, I genuinely forgot I was floating in a pool," journalist Kyle Melnick wrote for VRScout.

Underwater VR

A specially designed "Divr" VR headset by manufacturer Ballast VR features a built-in snorkel allowing the wearer to breathe underwater. Sound is sent out through speakers attached to the headset rather than piping it through headphones.

Ballast VR has already been offering its water-oriented VR services to water parks around the country, including a VR slide experience. A deep dive simulation and jet-assisted underwater ride are in the works as well.

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