"Can you just imagine doing an assault on to a ship?"

Iron Man

At a test flight for U.K. startup Gravity’s Jet Suit, UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson mused about using similar suits for combat missions.

“Can you just imagine doing an assault on to a ship?” he asked the suit’s test pilot after the flight, according to The Telegraph. He later added, the paper wrote, that if he could “have a go in future there could be a bigger order.”

Gravity Falls

This wasn’t the first time Gravity has wowed observers with its Iron Man-esque Jet Suit, which features jets mounted to each of a wearer’s arms. The company even let a CNBC journalist take it for a test flight last year.

In spite of the wow factor, though, one of Williamson’s aids clarified that Gravity’s suit — which costs an imposing $440,000 — isn’t ready for combat yet.

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