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Twitter Accidentally Trends Horrifyingly Explicit Sexual Terms

byDan Robitzski
11. 8. 19
Victor Tangermann

Uh oh.

Not Safe For Twitter

On Thursday morning, Twitter’s top trending hashtags included some extremely sexually charged words and phrases.

These hashtags included “#creampie” and “#forcedanal,” Motherboard reports. While the social media platform says it’s investigating what went wrong, the X-rated trends are a particularly damning indictment against putting content moderation in the hands of algorithms and machines.

Damage Control

A Twitter spokesperson told Motherboard that the explicit hashtags “should not have appeared in trends” then shared a link to Twitter’s policy of preventing “adult/graphic references” from trending.

Also banned from trends, Motherboard reports, are posts that contain profanity, a broad spectrum of hate speech, and anything that violates other Twitter rules.


But apparently, somehow, literal sex terms and a reference to apparent sexual assault managed to slip past moderation.

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