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This week, as the Stormy Daniels hush money trial kicked off, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman noted the presence of a figure in court whose job responsibility sounded like a joke, writing that her job was to carry around a "wireless printer" to provide the former president with an "ongoing stream of good news from the internet."

But it turns out that the aide is very real. Her name is Natalie Harp, a former One America News anchor who joined Trump's communications team in March 2022. According to reporting that year by the Washington Post, Harp would even accompany the former reality TV host on golf trips in a cart "equipped with a laptop and sometimes a printer to show him uplifting news articles, online posts, or other materials."

In Trump's chaotic inner circle, nothing is really surprising anymore — but an employee tasked with printing out good news for the tech-phobic former head of state might just take the cake for an unintentional character study.

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Per WaPo, other aides were tasked with asking Trump's allies to call him and "boost his spirits with positive affirmations."

Harp has an unusual relationship with Trump, arguing that he saved her life by approving an immunotherapy drug that reportedly allowed her to survive a rare form of cancer.

However, experts have maintained that Trump's "Right-to-Try" law, which greenlit a number of drug treatments, was nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

"The FDA already had a process that approved more than 90 percent of people who wanted access to these drugs and treatments," former top FDA official Peter Lurie told WaPo back in 2020.

Harp's two years close to Trump's side must've been a real rollercoaster. Over just a five-month span, Trump was charged in four criminal cases, ranging from falsifying business records to election interference.

Today, jury selection continues in a case accusing Trump of trying to cover up a $130,000 payment he made to adult film actor Stormy Daniels at the end of 2016 to prevent her from saying she'd had sex with him a decade previously.

In short, it's a sad state of affairs — made even more depressing by the existence of an assistant whose role it is to print out good news on a golf course.

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