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Order Up

One kid just scored the childhood cheeseburger dream of a lifetime, and it only cost his mom $92.

The Texas two-year-old ordered 31 McDonald's cheeseburgers from DoorDash earlier this week using mom Kelsey Golden's phone. CNN reported yesterday that the delivery was an "accident" but the youngster has made no statement on whether or not he really wanted all those burgers.

Golden said she didn't think much of it while working from home when her son grabbed up her smartphone, but got pretty confused when a car with 31 burgers showed up. CNN says the kid also left a sizable tip, bringing his total order to $91.70.

"I thought, oh my gosh, he really did this," Golden told the pub.

Golden Arches

A photo Golden posted to Facebook went viral, depicting the cheeseburger fan himself next to a pile of patties and offering free lunch to neighbors. Golden said one neighbor came by and grabbed six because she's currently pregnant.

In the comments, other parents shared horror stories of kiddos ordering things by accident, including one who says her granddaughter accidentally ordered three iPhones from Amazon while playing with her mom's phone. Others simply stopped by to appreciate the humor in the situation, and Golden told CNN she was delighted that her post could make someone smile.

Not to be overly earnest, but we agree that everyone could use an extra laugh these days. We're lovin' it that Golden's kid is lovin' those burgers.

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