"It's covered in elote seasoning."

Seasoned Aliens

Mexico's Congress was presented with a bizarre presentation this week when a self-proclaimed UFOlogist unboxed what he claimed to be the bodies of two mummified extraterrestrials found in Peru.

"These are nonhuman beings who are not part of our terrestrial evolution," journalist Jaime Maussan told lawmakers, as quoted by the New York Times.

But wait until you see what these alleged alien mummies look like. Their shrunken heads and tiny bodies, with three fingers on each hand, look so incredibly fake that they might as well be part of a display at a Disney World ride.

Naturally, the internet had a field day with the presentation.

"It's covered in elote seasoning," one Bluesky user posted, referring to an iconic Mexican condiment.

"Ask me about the new Joe Rogan Diet that has me looking like an alien mummy," one user wrote.

Some Twitter Blue-verified users on X-formerly Twitter, however, fell for the con hook-and-sinker.

"Outlandish Stunt"

Maussan has made a name for himself by spreading ridiculous pseudoscience on Mexican television, as the NYT points out. Unsurprisingly, he'll also sell you health supplements if you happen to buy into his outlandish theories.

Even former US Navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves — who told Congress during an UFO hearing earlier this year that he saw "dark grey or black cubes inside of a clear sphere" — was appalled by the "outlandish stunt."

Graves dismissed Maussan's presentation in a tweet, calling it a "huge step backwards for this issue."

Worryingly, lawmaker Sergio Gutiérrez Luna, who invited Maussan, called the bizarre spectacle "an exercise in listening."

"Learning about subjects, whatever they may be, is done by finding contrasting opinions," he told reporters, as quoted by the NYT.

Previous examinations of the two "mummies" have revealed that they likely are bizarre backdoor lab creations made up of looted human and animal bones.

Meanwhile, renowned Mexican astrobiologist Antígona Segura told the NYT that Maussan's "conclusions are simply not backed up by evidence."

"The whole thing is very shameful," she added.

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