This comes after its release was delayed to next year.

Bad Luck Cybertruck

The Cybertruck is starting to feel like it’s been cursed from the start.

From its less-than-auspicious debut to its recent delay to late 2022, the vehicle is starting to seem more like a pipedream than a reality. Now, Tesla has even gone as far as scrubbing the price and specs of the much-hyped vehicle from its website entirely

The changes to the site came Thursday night, according to Electrek. While it previously offered the prices of three different configurations of the electric pickup truck, it’s since gotten rid of all of them — opting instead for a single "Buy Now" button with a $100 fully refundable down payment. 

The detailed spec sheets are also missing from the Cybertruck’s main page. Instead, the page just contains vague descriptions of the vehicle’s specs such as its range of "up to 500 miles."

What’s Going On

There’s no question the delay has caused Tesla to reassess its electric pickup’s prices. After all, it’ll be an additional year before the vehicle can be rolled out on a commercial scale. 

That means they’ll need to adjust for price changes for each piece of the vehicle’s parts as well as inflation. The specs are also likely going to be changed as the company reassesses and refines the final product. 

The timeline and the low price was also always a bit of a moonshot. The recent edits to the site along with the delays is just further evidence of that.

Hopefully, this just means they’re working on making the Cybertruck even better — though maybe they’re just more focused on their new beer making venture.   

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