Tesla says the incident was "not intentional" and a "miscommunication."


Last week, an investigative report by Jalopnik revealed that electric car maker Tesla had remotely removed $8,000 worth of Autopilot features from a used 2017 Model S after it changed hands in November.

Luckily, it sounds like Tesla has realized it made a mistake — and returned the yanked features to the vehicle.

Remote Access

The affair left a bad taste — the used car lot clearly stated the features were part of the deal, according to Jalopnik.

"What concerns me is the very idea that remote updates have that kind of access to the car," Futurism reader Adam Lawson wrote in a Facebook comment. "It seems as though that would give hackers the option to cause an accident."


A week later, Tesla seems to have resolved the situation. According to forum posts by the owner, spotted by The Next Web, Tesla has apologized and returned the features.

A customer experience rep "apologized for my troubles, told me that Tesla has restored all missed options cited a miscommunication and it was not intentionally!" according to a post.

Despite the happy ending, the incident still goes to show that car companies will have the final say as to what features will or will not be available to those who buy used cars in the near future — and without ever needing to get their hands on the vehicle.

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