This happened just a month after a shooting occurred at the very same plant.

The Latest Tragedy

A Tesla factory worker has died on the assembly line at the electric carmakers' Fremont assembly line.

As The Mercury News reports, the still-unidentified male Tesla employee was pronounced dead on the scene after the Fremont Fire Department arrived early Wednesday morning to find him on the factory floor.

According to the report, the man collapsed on the assembly line, and healthy and safety officials are now investigating the circumstances that led to his death.

This latest Fremont factory death comes just over a month after one Tesla employee shot and killed another in the facility's parking lot and was later charged with murder.

And it Wasn't the First Time

This latest death, unfortunately, does not appear to be a first for the company. In 2019, a Tesla employee named Michael Johnston died at the company's Gigafactory in Nevada, and reports indicated that he'd died due to a medical issue.

Along with the deaths, safety issues have long been cause for concern at Tesla's facilities — and in 2020, California's workplace safety authority revealed that the company had left out hundreds of incidents in its official reports about its main assembly factory in Fremont.

It's too soon to place blame on this latest death, but given that it's been a while since we've heard anything — good or bad — about Tesla workplace safety, it may be another crack in the company's utopian facade.

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