It even wears jeans.

Robot Butt

Tesla showed off a jeans-wearing butt robot, which it uses to test seats, in a Tuesday tweet.

The video shows a robot arm dunk a metallic, denim-clad butt into a pair of Tesla Model 3 seats. The assembly assertively "sits down" and does a lifelike sideways shuffle before bouncing up and down — likely simulating bumps in the road.


The robot butt is nicknamed "Groot," a reference to "Guardians of the Galaxy."

Other automakers have used robot buttocks in the past. For instance, American auto giant Ford built a "Robutt" in 2017, to which it later added sweat glands to emulate a real posterior.

Love and Hate Relationship

Tesla has had a difficult relationship with the robots that almost fully automated its production lines. In April 2018, CEO Elon Musk admitted that "excessive automation at Tesla was a mistake" in a tweet, adding "humans are underrated."

The tweet came at a tough time for Tesla: the car maker was having a tough time keeping up Model 3 production.

But Tesla's new robot butt likely won't end up making Musk sleep on a couch at the factory to supervise production around the clock.

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