"This is not good."

Wrong Way

Tesla's rollout of its controversial "Full Self-Driving" (FSD) beta has challenged, to say the least.

Countless videos have shown Tesla vehicles breaking traffic laws, veering into the wrong lane, getting dangerously close to pedestrians, and making the wrong turns.

In the latest video, which dates back to May but only started making the rounds this week, Galileo Russell from the YouTube channel HyperChange had his own rather terrifying incident while testing out the half-baked driver assist feature.

The car opted to turn right — straight up the wrong way of a one-way street in San Francisco (around the 6:35 mark below).

"This is not good," Russell can be heard saying, followed by a stream of expletives. "Damn, this is the worst L."

Getting Good?

Despite the highly dangerous encounter, which could've easily ended in a collision, Russell is still optimistic about the software. For one, the video is titled "Tesla’s Self-Driving Software Is Getting Good."

The YouTuber has also repeatedly spoken out about his personal investments in Tesla and how he thinks it's still "a special company" that "sets a new paradigm."

"I just felt like I had to make this video because, breaking news, I finally started to use FSD as just a normal person who drives their car — and I'm a super cautious driver," Russell concludes in his recent FSD video.

Russel's comments are representative of how some of Tesla's biggest fans can sometimes seem to forgive the company for a lot of things, despite the rather obvious dangers the company's FSD beta poses on public roads.

In short, from what we've seen so far, Tesla should clearly think twice about handing out access to its unfinished software.

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