They even provide a supply list of parts.

DIY Doggo

Stanford University students have built a nimble robot dog — and they're making it easy for others to copy their creation.

On Monday, the Stanford Student Robotics club’s Extreme Mobility team shared a video featuring the four-legged robot, which they call Doggo. But that wasn't all they shared. They also released all the information a person would need to build a Doggo of their own — a move that could help advance the field of robotics.

Budget Friendly

Anyone interested in building a Doggo can visit the Stanford team's GitHub page to access the comprehensive plans and code that went into building the robot dog, as well a supply list of parts.

The students estimate a Doggo will cost less than $3,000 to build, and while that might be a bit pricy for the casual robot enthusiastic, they believe it should be within the reach of robotics researchers.

"We had seen these other quadruped robots used in research, but they weren’t something that you could bring into your own lab and use for your own projects,"  Nathan Kau, leader of the Extreme Mobility team, said in news release. "We wanted Stanford Doggo to be this open source robot that you could build yourself on a relatively small budget."

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