SpaceX could launch humans into space in as little as two months.

May Happen

SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell says the company plans to launch a crewed mission in its Crew Dragon spacecraft sometime in May — just two months away — according to Reuters space reporter Joey Roulette.

Announcement Season

Shotwell was seemingly speaking at Satellite 2020, a conference for participants in the "burgeoning space-based economy."

Musk delivered the keynote at the conference last night, where he said that his primary goal is to bring humanity to Mars before he dies.

Crewed Mission

It's become routine for SpaceX to make uncrewed deliveries to the International Space Station, but it has yet to launch human crew members up there — meaning NASA still needs to rely on a testy relationship with the Russian space program to get its astronauts into orbit.

But, if Shotwell is to be believed, that could all change as soon as this May.

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