SpaceX/Victor Tangermann
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SpaceX Was Secretly Building a Second Starship in Florida

byDan Robitzski
5. 15. 19
SpaceX/Victor Tangermann

"Both sites will make many Starships."

Doubling Down

In a bid to reach the Moon as quickly as possible, SpaceX is building a second Starship.

The company is already building and testing one Starship in Texas, but decided to build another in Florida to determine which site is better suited for the task, according to Engadget. By developing a second construction site for Starships, SpaceX is effectively racing against itself to figure out the best way to bring crews and passengers up into orbit.


News broke of the second spacecraft after someone stumbled across the construction site and posted about it on a forum, per Engadget. In response, CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter and confirmed that SpaceX was building Starships in two different states.

Musk went on to explain that the two teams were competing to determine the best way to build Starships, but that they’re required to share insights with each other and that both sites may end up mass-producing the spacecraft in the future.


“Both sites will make many Starships,” Musk tweeted. “This is a competition to see which location is most effective. Answer might be both.”

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