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Segway’s New “Personal Transporter Pod” Looks Really Familiar

byKristin Houser
1. 3. 20
Segway via Wired

And it's not exactly a flattering resemblance.

Déja Vu

It seems life really does imitate art — for better or worse.

On Friday, Segway-Ninebot announced several new transportation products it plans to unveil at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show — and as pointed out by Wired, one of them looks eerily similar to the hover chairs featured in the post-apocalyptic Pixar film “WALL-E.”

Segway S-Pod

The device is called the Segway S-Pod, and like Segway’s flagship vehicle, it balances on two wheels. According to a Segway-Ninebot press release, a rider sits in the pod and uses a navigation panel to drive the contraption at upwards of 38 kilometers per hour (24 miles per hour).

“The S-Pod spins and rotates by the center smoothly for directional changes,” Segway-Ninebot wrote, adding that “since the ‘brake’ is placed by the shift of the center of gravity, it eliminates the possibility of the S-Pod tipping over in any situation.”


New Scooter

Segway-Ninebot also wrote in the press release that the S-Pod is designed for use in “enclosed campuses such as airports, theme parks and malls,” making it seem like a sleeker alternative to the electric scooters that already populate those settings.

The switch from four wheels to two will likely give the S-Pod a tighter turning radius than those other transportation options. Still, it’s hard to look at the device and not think about the meek consumers of the “WALL-E” universe — and it’s hard to imagine that that’s an image buyers will be clamoring to imitate.

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