This space-based publicity stunt crashed back to Earth in spectacular fashion.

Satellite Crash

Samsung launched an unusual satellite weeks ago, featuring a Galaxy S10 smartphone tethered to a gigantic balloon. But its journey was cut short when the satellite came crashing down to Earth, NBC reports, crashing onto a Michigan farm.

The satellite was meant to allow you to take a "SpaceSelfie" — a questionable PR stunt where your selfies get sent to space, are photographed while being displayed on the S10 in space, and are then sent back down to Earth.

Crash Course

Strangely, the crash was all part of Samsung's plan — sort of.

"Samsung Europe's SpaceSelfie came back down to Earth," read a Samsung statement received by NBC. "During this planned descent of the balloon to land in the US, weather conditions resulted in an early soft landing in a selected rural area."

Balloon Retrieval

Samsung agents were immediately flown out to the farm to make sure nobody got hurt — and retrieve their balloon and satellite.

The farmer whose backyard was desecrated by the odd payload took a video, showing a heap of metal covered in Samsung logos. Yep, definitely belongs to Samsung.

"You never know what's gonna happen," property owner Nancy Welke can be heard saying in the video obtained by NBC.

Luckily no animals were hurt.

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