"We were honestly disgusted that someone would do this."

Take a Gender

As if the whole culture surrounding gender reveals wasn't sketchy enough, a new incident in New York City is "revealing" just how demented these bizarro parties really are.

"Pigeons come in many different colors and plumages, but pink isn't one of them," the Wild Bird Fund rescue and rehabilitation center wrote in a Facebook post about a poor critter that was found dyed pink in NYC's Madison Square Park.

In an interview with New York's ABC7, a representative for the nonprofit said that the female bird, which they'd lovingly named "Flamingo," is a king pigeon that has never flown before and was likely purchased at a poultry market — and that they believe she was dyed for a gender reveal party.

"She shouldn't be on the streets, she has no survival skills, she relies on people for everything," Antonio Sanchez of the Wild Bird Fund told the news broadcaster. "We were honestly disgusted that someone would do this."

Just A Baby

In its statement, the WBF said that Flamingo is "barely more than a fledgling" and "has it bad enough as a domestic bird unable to find food in the wild, fly well or escape predators.

"Being a bright, unusual color makes him even more of a target," the PSA noted before urging people not to release domestic birds in the wild because "they will starve or be preyed [upon]."

"If you see an all-white pigeon in the wild, or any tame bird standing around looking lost, it needs your help," the WBF urged. "Please catch the bird and bring it to a pigeon rescue or animal sanctuary near you."

While this may not be the most dangerously stupid gender reveal stunt to make headlines, it's nevertheless disgusting that someone would not only purchase and dye an animal for such a weird reason, but also then release it into the wild.

PSA: Don't dye birds, and don't throw gender reveal parties!

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