The blast could be heard in a neighboring state — and reportedly turned tap water brown.

Gender Bender

New Hampshire police say that the blast from a "gender reveal" event — a party in which expecting parents dramatically reveal the anticipated gender of their baby — was so powerful that it frightened neighbors, cracked the foundations of nearby homes, and could even be heard across state lines.

"We heard this God-awful blast," neighbor Sara Taglieri told NBC 10 Boston. "It knocked pictures off our walls... I’m all up for silliness and whatnot, but that was extreme."

Property Damage

Taglier confirmed to the Washington Post that the explosion had caused a crack in her home's foundation. The Union Leader reported that the blast was caused by 80 pounds of the explosive Tannerite was felt in a 20-mile radius and may have turned tap water brown in the area.

"We are all about celebrating happy moments like having a baby, but their celebration was felt and heard not only by different neighborhoods but through different towns," Taglieri told the Post. "It’s not like we are upset because there was blue or pink confetti on our yard. It was such a large blast."

The unidentified person behind the explosion has turned himself in, according to the Union Leader, and is cooperating with authorities.

Baby Fever

Nobody was injured by the blast, but it comes after a wave of surreal and sometimes deadly stunts related to gender reveal parties. Last month, for instance, two were killed in an airplane crash related to a gender reveal event, and earlier this year two died in an explosion at yet another gender reveal celebration.

In New Hampshire, authorities said, the baby was a boy.

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