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Scientist Wins Nobel Prize, Then Announces Belief in Aliens

October 11th 19__Kristin Houser__Filed Under: Sci-Fi Visions
Victor Tangermann

Numbers Game

Astronomer Didier Queloz is “convinced” aliens exist — and that we could find them before 2050.

“I can’t believe we are the only living entity in the universe,” he said during an event on Tuesday — the same day he found out he’d won the Nobel Prize in Physicsaccording to The Telegraph. “There are just way too many planets, way too many stars, and the chemistry is universal. The chemistry that led to life has to happen elsewhere.”


The Telegraph story quotes Queloz as saying he’s certain we’ll detect signs of alien life within 100 years.

However, he also thinks it’s “realistic” to believe humanity will develop a device capable of detecting the bio-chemical signs of life on exoplanets within just 30 years.

Matter of Time

Queloz isn’t the only notable scientist to talk aliens this week.

Former NASA scientist Gilbert Levin wrote an opinion piece for Scientific American on Thursday in which he said he also believes alien life exists — because he’s “convinced” we already detected it on Mars, back in the 1970s.

Whether Levin can persuade others to join him in that belief or not, it seems Earth’s time as the only known life-harboring body in the universe could be drawing to an end.

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