NASA Kennedy via Flickr
Slow News Day

NASA Had to Chase an Alligator Off the SpaceX Launchpad

byVictor Tangermann
5. 28. 20
NASA Kennedy via Flickr

"There are gators that end up in the craziest places."

Star Gator

Coronavirus in space? Terrible. Gator in space? Possibly worse.

Officials had to chase a six foot alligator away from the historic Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday — the same day SpaceX was scheduled to make history by launching two NASA astronauts into space.

The launch later had to be scrubbed. But while preparations for the launch were still in progress, the alligator waltzed over and parked himself near the launch pad.

Gator Guru

NASA called in “gator guru” Frank Robb, the same man who previously caught internet-famous alligator called “Chance the Snapper” in Chicago last July.


“There are gators that end up in the craziest places,” Robb told WGN9 news. “They still have the ponds on the pad that they use to cool the pads off… those are natural ponds in that secure area that gators end up in all the time.”

Out for a Stroll

“He had walked in the security gate and was just taking a stroll,” Robb added. “I put a rope on him, caught him and he loaded up in the truck pretty easy.”

SpaceX’s launch had to be scrubbed due to less-than-favorable weather conditions. But the company will try again on Saturday afternoon — with or without gator removal.

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