"It is a little bit tight quarters."

Zero-G Tour

After becoming the first humans in history to reach orbit in a commercial spacecraft, NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Douglas Hurley took the time to give us a tour of their new SpaceX ride.

Touchscreen Future

The Crew Dragon capsule can dock with the International Space Station completely autonomously. Astronauts, however, can take control at any time and make any adjustments of the spacecraft's trajectory using touchscreens alone.

Behnken did however note that there are a couple of rows of buttons below that make sure all systems are working as intended and for redundancies.

Do a Back Flip

"It is a little bit tight quarters," Behnken admitted before revealing he was asked to do a back flip, but had to settle for a side spin in the end. We also got a glimpse at the cargo space below the two seats.

According to NASA, Crew Dragon will be able to launch up to four crew members at a time and carry more than 220 pounds of cargo.

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